Aphrodite's Tent
In the Ivory Chest Attributes Cost
a white swan figurine Imbeddible 20
an Aphrodite doll Scripted 200
a pearly white swan-decorated backpack   40
an unflawed pearl bracelet   1025
a string of tiny unflawed pearls   2700
a gold and pearl encrusted brush   1860
a pearly white swan relic pin Imbeddible 30

Apollo's Tent
In the Blue and Gold Chest Attributes Cost
a blue sunstreaked tailwrap   10
a yellow and blue sapphire ferrionere Head Worn 2300
a blue sunburst thigh pouch   15
a golden chariot relic pin Imbeddible 25
a golden backless dress   45
a yellow sapphire sun pendant   1850
a blue and gold sun-embroidered robe   30

Artemis' Tent
In the Silver Chest Attributes Cost
a triple moon ebony-handled dagger   40
a doe-etched long stave bow   80
a silver moon-etched helm   1600
a purple moonstone-edged anirkal Centaurian Cloak 150
a moonstone and amethyst relic pendant Imbeddible 105
a moonstone and silver belly chain Belt Equivalent 95
a crescent moon midwifery satchel Shoulder Worn 25

Central Courtyard
On top of the Golden Pedestal Attributes Cost
a golden wind chime pendant Scripted 20

Demeter's Tent
In the Straw Basket Attributes Cost
a silver-tipped wheat carved staff   30
an etched sheaf-of-grain breastplate   125
an ivory snowflake navel stud   100
a pair of rust and gold pants   15
some delicate ivory prayer beads   195
a pale silk snowflake-edged gown   75
a winter white panne velvet cloak Pocketed 200

On Top of the Decorated Table Attributes Cost
a handful of olives   4
a steaming cup of coffee   2
a piece of baklava   3
a glass of red wine   5
a feta-stuffed grape leaf   4

Hebe's Tent
In the Clay Chest Attributes Cost
an engraved silver horn Refillable, Wearable Drink Container 200
an etched silver flask Refillable Drink Container 200
a carved wooden ferret Scripted 25
a citrine cup-shaped relic Imbeddible 50
a citrine-dyed leather sheath   8
a bronze citrine ring   90
a citrine clasp cloak   360

Hephaestus' Tent
In the Iron Trunk Attributes Cost
a silver hammer-etched shield   2300
a silver sardonyx-inlaid handaxe   750
an iron sardonyx-inlaid greatsword   3700
some plate hammer-etched gauntlets   100
some heavy leather trousers   35
a silver and leather weapon harness   275
a silver war hammer relic ring Imbeddible 50

Hermes' Tent
Inside the Reed Chest Attributes Cost
a silver wing-shaped earring   55
a pickset case etched with a caduceus design Belt Worn 85
a carved wooden wing-etched lyre   150
a caduceus iron eyebrow stud   175
some golden wing-etched boots   45
an agate caduceus relic Imbeddible 100
a silvery wing-etched pickset   85

Hestia's Tent
Inside the Stone Box Attributes Cost
a detailed gold hearth-shaped brooch   200
a well-made woolen coin purse Belt Worn 8
a jasper flame-shaped charm   15
a light jasper-clasped cape   175
a polished silver tankard Wearable, Refillable Drink Container - Holds 20 200
a pouncing kitten pin Pet, 10X 1000
a playful puppy pin Pet, 10X 1000

Iris' Tent
Inside the Rainbow-Colored Chest Attributes Cost
a bright rainbow-hued cloak   150
a harpy charm necklace   250
an iridescent silk neck pouch Holds 1 Small Object 1400
a multi-colored satchel Shoulder Worn 16
a bouquet of colorful silken flowers   40
a harpy relic pin Imbeddible 20
a rainbow crystal hairnet Hair Worn 95

Pan's Tent
Inside the Cedar Chest Attributes Cost
a delicate crystal nymph figurine Music Box 80
a leering satyr relic ring Imbeddible 40
a nymph-engraved syrinx   55
an embroidered nymph and satyr haversack Shoulder-Worn 250
a goat-headed cane 2-Handed Staff 38
a kissing nymph and satyr pin   25
some goat-hide leggings   12

Persephone's Tent
Inside the Green Chest Attributes Cost
an embroidered emerald green chiton   30
a delicate smoky quartz handflower   53
a cotton earth-colored apron   20
a woven straw gardening hat   15
a light ivy-embroidered vest   22
a miniature flower chain bracelet   12
a flying bird pin Pet, 10X 1000

Poseidon's Tent
Inside the Coral-Edged Chest Attributes Cost
a coral sea siren figurine Imbeddible 20
a silver wave-bladed longsword   900
some tooled sea horse back legwraps   35
a sea-blue dolphin-edged sheath Belt Worn, Holds 1 Any But Greatsword 15
a pair of wave-tooled bracers Leather Armor 38
a sea foam-colored gown   50
a black pearl choker   3200

Sleet's Stowaway
On Top of the Polished Table Attributes Cost
a brass-buckled leather rucksack Back Worn 110
a dark-stitched green canvas rucksack Back Worn 110
a blue and violet striped rucksack Back Worn 110
a shiny black stiff leather case Belt Worn 75
a star-engraved silver case Belt Worn 225
a dark stained polished wood case Belt Worn 75
a fuzzy pink satchel Shoulder Worn 55
a lace-trimmed butter yellow satchel Shoulder Worn 55
a brass quartz-studded case Belt Worn 110
a black fringed red patterned satchel Shoulder Worn 55
On Top of the Polished Rack Attributes Cost
a steel-riveted ironwood scabbard Belt Worn, Holds Any 1 Weapon 4500
a studded hide wrist sheath Holds 1 Small Weapon 30
a rippled suede ankle sheath Holds 1 Small Weapon 30
a leather iron-bound back sheath Holds 1 Large One-Handed Weapon 425
Inside the Steel-Banded Barrel Attributes Cost
a bright red swirl patterned pouch Belt Worn 30
a canvas feed pouch Belt Worn 25
an embroidered azure blue neck pouch Holds 1 Small Item 35
a soft leather neck pouch Holds 1 Small Item 35
a gold-stitched silk-lined neck pouch Holds 1 Small Item 3500
an orange-hued lacy wrist pouch Holds 1 Small Item 35
a sun embossed leather wrist pouch Holds 1 Small Item 35
an off-white lacy thigh pouch Holds 1 Longsword 35
a moon embossed leather thigh pouch Holds 1 Longsword 35
a blue-stitched dark red thigh pouch Holds 1 Longsword 30
a silver-edged spidersilk pouch Belt Worn 13000
a blue designed zig-zag wrist pouch Holds 1 Small Item 35

Zeus' Tent
Inside the Ruby-Encrusted Chest Attributes Cost
a ruby-flaked hilted silver knife   500
some red and gold leather bracers Leather Armor 30
a grey feather-edged satchel Shoulder Worn 20
a ruby-dusted black caparison   300
a ruby-dusted black cloak Pocketed 400
a lightning bolt-edged shirt   25
a silver eagle's-head helm   1760

Aphrodite's Kissing Booth
First Place a golden seashell bracelet
Second Place a silvery cherub bracelet
Third Place a bronze linked apples bracelet

Apollo's Discus Throw
First Place a golden Apollo pendant
Second Place a silvery sunburst pendant
Third Place a bronze chariot pendant

Artemis' Archery Shoot
First Place a golden crescent moon anklet
Second Place a silvery linked bows anklet
Third Place a bronze moon anklet

Athena's Javelin Throw
First Place a golden owl-embroidered armband
Second Place a silvery and feathered armband
Third Place an embroidered olive-colored armband

Demeter's Wheat Toss
First Place some golden wheat-carved combs
Second Place a silvery snowflake hairpin
Third Place a bronze cornucopia hairpin

Hebe's Water Carry
First Place a golden scrollwork chalice
Second Place  
Third Place  

Hephaestus' Hammer Swing
Loser a small wooden toy hammer
Wimp a large wooden toy hammer
Average a comical anvil pin

Hermes' Whack-A-Messenger
First Place a golden tome and stylus ring
Second Place a silvery open scroll ring
Third Place a bronze crossed scrolls ring

Hestia's Brazier Push
First Place some golden honeycomb earrings
Second Place a pair of tiny silvery earrings
Third Place a bronze flame earring

Iris' Bean Bag Toss
First Place  
Second Place a fringed silvery sash
Third Place a fringed white sash

Pan's Pliant Platform
First Place a set of golden horns
Second Place a set of silvery horns
Third Place a set of bronze horns

Persephone's Pomegranate Toss
First Place a golden sunflower brooch
Second Place a silver pomegranate brooch
Third Place a bronze rose bud brooch

Poseidon's Sea Monster Spearing
First Place a golden conch shell pin
Second Place some sea green serpent scale gloves
Third Place  

Zeus' Thunderbolt Dodge
First Place a golden eagle pin
Second Place a silver lightning bolt pin
Third Place a bronze oak tree pin

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