[Aboard the Jeraya which is afloat in the Segoltha river estuary facing south and is moored to The Crossing docks on the north bank.]
[The Jaal Jeraya, Starboard Walkway]
Light, salty sea spray drifts upon the air to leave traces of moisture along the ship's railings. Sailors in crisp red and black uniforms go about their duties, mopping up the wet floors and cleaning any messes that have occurred from passing seagulls. Stray bits of song drift along the wind coming from a nearby bard entertaining the sailors as they work.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: forward, aft.
Nearby in the water you see: the Skirr'lolasu (nearby: north), the north bank (not far: north), the south bank (somewhat far: south), The Crossing docks on the north bank (adjacent), Segoltha Bay (far: east), the Landfall dock (far: east).