a towering octagonal aquarium

Price: 12500 Kronars

Clear water fills a towering octagonal aquarium, in which swims a feather-finned amber sunfish. At the bottom of the tank, clusters of blue-green waterferns provide a frame for a bed of black gravel.

Within a towering octagonal aquarium, a tiny marbled-shell turtle darts quickly toward a falling leaf, gobbling it up.

Brushing through the densely planted fields of sea-grass at the bottom of the tank, a dainty silver-blue fanfish swims in lazy circles.

With a stately glide, a jewel-toned seahorse swims past clusters of blue-green waterferns along the edge of the aquarium.

A googlie-eyed carp rises to the surface of the water in a towering octagonal aquarium, nibbling at something too small to see.