a booklet bound in battered water-stained leather

Price: 4803 Kronars

The palm-sized booklet is bound with battered, water-stained leather. The title is written in bold black letters -- Drogor.
The booklet is closed.

The bold-lettered title of the book reads:

You open a booklet bound in battered water-stained leather.

The opened book reveals the following inscription, hand-printed in glossy
blue-black ink upon silver-flecked parchment:

Drogor - god of the angry oceans, creator of hurricanes and tsunamis.
Drogor's anger is readily apparent as the sky turns grey and the children of
the ocean scatter, and he often takes it out on hapless mortals who dare to
set foot on his water. Drogor is the drowner of children and the destroyer
of knowledge; if he feels a librarian has slighted him, he will ruin his or
her books by seeing they are soaked with water or -- if a large body of
water is nearby -- set a tidal wave upon the establishment to destroy it.
His symbol is the shark.

At the bottom, scrawled in a delicate hand is:
copied from The Immortals, by my hand, Gadelica Treblesong

You close a booklet bound in battered water-stained leather.