a booklet bound in dark blue leather

Price: 4803 Kronars

The palm-sized booklet is bound with dark blue leather patterned with wave swirls. The gold-lettered title reads -- Eluned.
The booklet is closed.

The gold-lettered title of the book reads:

You open a booklet bound in dark blue leather.

The opened book reveals the following inscription, neatly printed in dark green ink upon gold-edge parchment:


Eluned - goddess of the seas and water, master of arcane and ancient wisdom,
patron of learning and knowledge; chief deity of the Elotheans. She, along
with her sister Peri'el, keeps the oceans moving and singing. Eluned is the
creator of speech, as Meraud is the creator of written language (the Elothean
language is his greatest achievement). Eluned and Meraud sometimes coexist,
but mostly do not see eye-to-eye enough in their motives to do so. It is
Eluned's infinite wisdom that guides sailors at night. Her emblem is the

At the bottom, scrawled in a delicate hand is:
copied from The Immortals, by my hand, Gadelica Treblesong

You close a booklet bound in dark blue leather.