a two-handed war hammer adorned with raven feathers dangling from spidersilk threads

Price: 75000 Kronars

A long ironwood shaft provides plenty of room for the two-handed grip necessary to swing the war hammer. The haft of the hammer is wrapped in fine black leather and is adorned with raven feathers, which dangle from spidersilk threads. Engraved in the steel head is the maker's mark, an anvil resting atop the letters "K.K.".

It is a two-handed blunt type weapon.

You are certain that it could do: no puncture damage
no slice damage
severe impact damage

You are certain that the hammer is dismally balanced and is well suited to gaining extra attack power from your strength.

You are certain that the war hammer is well constructed, and is in pristine condition.

The war hammer is made with metal.