a brass orlog

Price: 125000 Kronars The orlog, now closed, is a fine mechanism about the shape and size of a large apple, with a hinged metal cover that protects the works inside. On its burnished front cover is an allegorical engraving of Time's Chariot. Underneath it, engraved in a flowing script, you read:


On the back you notice instructions for its use.

read orlog:
You turn the orlog over and read:

Congratulations on your purchase of a precision Perobler
Orlog. For faithful service, follow this simple advice:
Be sure to wind it regularly by turning the key with the
orlog in hand. If the orlog should ever stop, it can be
restarted and reset by winding it.
Always close the cover before putting it away to protect
its delicate mechanism. For all repairs, don't trust to
luck: Perobler's of Mer'Kresh will soon offer courteous,
fast, and trustworthy repair service.

open my orlog:
You open the polished cover of the orlog.

look orlog:
It appears the orlog has stopped.

turn orlog with key:
You wind your orlog, being careful not to overwind it, and it seems to be ticking merrily along.

look my orlog
The orlog's round face has words and figures around the edge, from "Midnight" at the top, then the numbers 1 to 11 down the right side to "Noon" at the bottom, and 1 to 11 ascending on the left.

The hand on the orlog is between seven and eight, after the meridian.

close my orlog:
You close the polished cover of the orlog.