a razor-sharp steel axe with a double-clamshell blade on a polished driftwood haft

Price: 567000 Lirums

A mother-of-pearl shrike is inlaid on each side of the steel blade, giving honor to the goddess of many eyes. The sweeping curves of each clamshell-shaped steel blade are honed to a keen edge, while the long haft is balanced for one or two-handed use.

It is a heavy edged type weapon.

You are certain that it could do:
no puncture damage
moderate slice damage
moderate impact damage

You are certain that the axe is dismally balanced and is reasonably suited to gaining extra attack power from your strength.

You are certain that the clamshell-blade axe is moderately strong, and is in pristine condition.

The clamshell-blade axe is made with metal.