[Edword's Accoutrements, Gallant Garments]
An expanse of faux marble flooring and muslin-covered columns painted to resemble fluted granite suggest a palatial reception hall. High above, a three-tiered wrought-silver chandelier sways slightly, its myriad of flickering candles filling the chamber with a warm light. A full-length cheval glass offers patrons the opportunity to inspect their appearance, while those weary of waiting can rest upon a pair of grand high-backed mahogany chairs that sit before a large hanging tapestry. You also see an antique chestnut valet with some stuff on it, a baroque display pole with some stuff on it, a gilt-edged mahogany breakfront with some stuff on it, a long mahogany banquet table with some stuff on it, a walnut cloak rack with some stuff on it and a gilded wall display with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, east.