[Shawgril's Bolt Goods, Work Room]
Bolts of fabric, lace, and trim are stacked upon various tables, spill from trunks scattered about the floor, and hang haphazardly from shelves pushed against the tent walls. Snipped scraps and thread left over from tailoring litter the floor -- the glint of a dropped pin flashes in the light. A carefully lettered sign sits amid the splendid riot of color and rich draperies. You also see a satin hanger with a sweeping indigo velvet cloak on it, a wire dressform with a weathered traveling cloak on it, a rosewood armoire with some silk robes on it, a green mannequin with a leaf-stitched cloak on it, a bentwood rack with a dark linen swordsman's cloak on it and a sales clerk.
Obvious exits: west.