#17 an Immortal Phelim card
The god of sweet dreams, Moon Mages worship Phelim and often beg favors of him. Phelim strew the stars in the sky by gathering some of Tamsine's tears and setting them against the velvet black of the heavens, then bid Kertigen hammer for him four moons, which he then nestled along with the stars in the heavens, and set to turning. When the fourth moon hatched the World Dragon, it was Phelim who ambushed the creature and -- while he did not destroy it -- set it to sleeping deep within the heart of Elanthia. Phelim is the god of rightful vengeance; those who seek retribution for a worthy reason may receive assistance from him. Phelim is also the god of honorable Thieves and assassins; if such a thing exists. He upholds his word above all other things; a promise from Phelim is a promise unbroken.