Normal Treasure System Gems

These gems follow the 1-1-2-3 pattern; that is, small and medium sizes weigh 1 stone, large weighs 2 stones, and huge weighs 3 stones. They are generally found loose or in boxes of any creature carrying stuff from the 'normal' treasure system, and adan'f, which I account as having their own independent treasure system(more later).

The last five species, uncut diamonds, black opals, pink sapphires, grey pearls, and plain 'sized' emeralds, are found in what are generally termed 'superboxes'. They still follow the same weight rules as the rest. The dragon's eye ruby is extremely rare, but can be found loose as well as in a box.

Huge emeralds are put in parentheses because while they would follow the logical pattern presented by the rest of this set of gems, a huge emerald is also a quest treasure.


a small star diopside a small rock crystal a small clear topaz  
a medium star diopside a medium rock crystal a medium clear topaz  
a large star diopside a large rock crystal a large clear topaz  
a huge star diopside a huge rock crystal a huge clear topaz  
a small cat's eye quartz a small red jasper a small red-green bloodstone  
a medium cat's eye quartz a medium red jasper a medium red-green bloodstone  
a large cat's eye quartz a large red jasper a large red-green bloodstone  
a huge cat's eye quartz a huge red jasper a huge red-green bloodstone  
a small amethyst a small green zircon a small rose quartz  
a medium amethyst a medium green zircon a medium rose quartz  
a large amethyst a large green zircon a large rose quartz  
a huge amethyst a huge green zircon a huge rose quartz  
a small aquamarine gem a small green malachite stone a small turquoise stone  
a medium aquamarine gem a medium green malachite stone a medium turquoise stone  
a large aquamarine gem a large green malachite stone a large turquoise stone  
a huge aquamarine gem a huge green malachite stone a huge turquoise stone  
a small star ruby a small yellow sapphire a small green sapphire  
a medium star ruby a medium yellow sapphire a medium green sapphire  
a large star ruby a large yellow sapphire a large green sapphire  
a huge star ruby a huge yellow sapphire a huge green sapphire  
Superbox Gems  
a small grey pearl a small pink sapphire a small uncut diamond  
a medium grey pearl a medium pink sapphire a medium uncut diamond  
a large grey pearl a large pink sapphire a large uncut diamond  
a huge grey pearl a huge pink sapphire a huge uncut diamond  
a small black opal a small emerald a dragon's eye ruby  
a medium black opal a medium emerald    
a large black opal a large emerald    
a huge black opal (a huge emerald)    

Metals: Bars and Nuggets

a tiny silver bar
a massive silver bar
a tiny silver nugget
a massive silver nugget

Gold bars and nuggets used to be found in the 'normal' treasure set; with all of the changes to the treasure system, however, these have seemed to become extinct. The only specimens that remain are in collections such as my own. However, it appears that they very very rarely appear in boxes on very high-level creatures.

a tiny gold bar
a massive gold bar
a tiny gold nugget
a massive gold nugget

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