Non-normal Treasure System Gems and Quest Variants

These gems are, in my book, considered the 'old school' rare gems. When found, they are listed either alone, with no other treasure and a special 'rare gem' message, or after any loose coin either on the ground or in the box it's found in. They all weigh 5 stones each, regardless of species, and most appraise at around 125-150 Kronar. These two characteristics are all that differentiate the small star ruby from the 'normal' verion. Most of them appear as large or huge in Taisidon 1 & 2, as well as the sandbox on the Jaal Jeraya, and are listed here. Those in yellow in the quest variations are currently in my posession. The large black pearl is in parentheses because, again, it's present in another set of gems(merchant).
Non-Normal Taisidon Gems
a small star ruby a large star ruby a huge star ruby
a small chipped diamond a large chipped diamond a huge chipped diamond
a tear-shaped blue diamond a large blue tear-shaped diamond a huge blue tear-shaped diamond
a small glittering diamond    
a small flawed sapphire a large flawed sapphire a huge flawed sapphire
a tear-shaped star sapphire a large star sapphire a huge star sapphire
a small white pearl a large white pearl a huge white pearl
a small black pearl (a large black pearl) a huge black pearl
a small freshwater pearl a large freshwater pearl a huge freshwater pearl
a small glittering topaz a large glittering topaz a huge glittering topaz
a small scratched emerald a large scratched emerald a huge scratched emerald
a small ilithi emerald a large ilithi emerald a huge ilithi emerald
a small gleaming aquamarine a large gleaming aquamarine a huge gleaming aquamarine
a small fire opal a large fire opal a huge fire opal
a small draconic opal a large draconic opal a huge draconic opal
a small glass pebble a large glass pebble a huge glass pebble
a small gold-painted quartz a large gold-encrusted quartz a huge gold-encrusted quartz
a chunk of onyx a large chunk of onyx a huge chunk of onyx
a small onyx bead a large onyx bead a huge onyx bead
a small glossy malachite a large glossy malachite a huge glossy malachite
a lump of sickly malachite a large lump of sickly malachite a huge lump of sickly malachite
a small light purple alexandrite a large light-purple alexandrite a huge light-purple alexandrite
a small bloodgem a large bloodgem a huge bloodgem
a chipped alabaster egg a large alabaster egg a huge alabaster egg
a gleaming alabaster egg    
a square of speckled lapiz lazuli a large cube of speckled lapis lazuli a huge cube of speckled lapis lazuli
a circle of glowing sunstone a large glowing circular sunstone a huge glowing circular sunstone
a circle of milky moonstone a large milky circular moonstone a huge milky circular moonstone
a gleaming ivory tooth a large gleaming ivory tooth a huge gleaming ivory tooth
a lump of dark amber a large lump of amber a huge lump of amber
a lump of glittering goldstone a large lump of glittering goldstone a huge lump of glittering goldstone
a chunk of glittering minerals    
a shark eggcase    

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