Creature-specific Gems

Several creatures have their own sets of gems; their weight varies.

Glutinous Lipopods

These rather disgusting creatures sometimes carry nuggets. Nothing to be too excited about.

a silver nugget
a gold nugget

Adan'f Warriors & Mages

The following are rather common in adan'f. These are in addition to the normal treasure system gems. However, I have only seen about a third of the 'old school' set found in adan'f, which leads me to believe these creatures are on something of their own treasure system, especially as they don't seem to carry any of the new 'stuff' introduced: clothing, forging materials, food, etc.

a piece of glittering platinum
a small black opal(differentiated by price(~150 Kronar) and weight(5 stone vs. normal 1 stone))


Vipers have the largest independent set of gems out of any creature I am currently aware of. Aside from rare gems and nuggets, they also carry wedding bands and rings which are also sold at the gem shop, as opposed to the pawn shop, as other jewelery would be.

a huge diamond
a huge opal
a large flawless ruby
an emerald
a large gold nugget

Rock Guardians

Guardians carry several types of granite; it is extremely heavy, weighing in at some 20 stones per piece. Most hunters only bother to keep gold, platinum, and animite-laced specimens because of the burden.

a piece of crystallized granite
some silver-laced granite
a chunk of gold-laced granite
a chunk of platinum-laced granite
a chunk of animite-laced granite

Nipoh Oshu

Residents of Aesry Surlaenis'a, oshu carry fire opals. As I have little contact with either Aesry itself, or those who hunt these creatures, I am unable to tell with any degree of certainty whether or not the fire opals follow the 1-1-2-3 rule, or the 5-stone rule of the old school set. The medium fire opal is in parentheses because I can only assume that it exists; I have, at times, owned specimens in each of the other sizes from oshu. Please note that the large fire opal is *not* fake and *can* be sold at the gem shop for a paltry 500 kronars or so.

a small fire opal
(a medium fire opal)
a large fire opal
a huge fire opal

Dobek Moruryn

These relatives of the scorpion often carry star rubies; in fact, they are the most reliable source for 'normal' set star rubies, as it is the only gem that these creatures carry.

a small star ruby
a medium star ruby
a large star ruby
a huge star ruby


Shadowmasters, either from invasion, their normal hunting area on Taisgath, or summoning, produce these. There may or may not be more types than are listed here, but these I can confirm exist.

a black seordstone talon
a flawed seordstone talon
a chipped seordstone talon
a spotted seordstone talon
an irregular seordstone talon
a beveled seordstone talon
a dark seordstone talon
a murky seordstone talon
a pale seordstone talon
a narrow seordstone talon

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