Merchant Gems

Three merchants have offered gems for sale among their wares.

Ontralwyn Gemsmiths

Ontralwyn's gems are notable in that they are neither thiefable, nor salable at the gem shop. This point is possibly the only difference between the uncut diamonds from his collection and those thrown by imps in the invasions, or the black opal here and that in the puzzle set.

a large black pearl
a flawless white opal
a scintillating emerald
a sparkling ruby
an uncut diamond
a black opal


Present at the Therenborough festival, Ezlani offered a variety of gems for setting in her gold and silver jewelery. They are all salable at the gem shop. Since they were sold in pouches of various colors, they are listed here as such.

a crimson gem pouch: a fire agate
a plain gem pouch: a moonstone
a leather gem pouch: a polished lapis lazuli
an orange gem pouch: a shield cut carnelian
a deep purple gem pouch: a plum garnet
a wine gem pouch: a wine jasper
a golden gem pouch: a golden beryl
an inky black gem pouch: an inky black moonstone
a violet gem pouch: a round cut amethyst
a brown gem pouch: a carved mountain agate
a cerulean gem pouch: a blue hawkseye
a smokey-grey gem pouch: a smoky quartz
a rose gem pouch: a rose beryl
a deep blue gem pouch: a deep blue tourmaline
a cream gem pouch: a cream lace agate


Dyllis was present at the Aesry Trader's Day event, and sold some nice jewelery and unique gems, rumored to be a preview of the possibilities in gem cutting and creation systems. There may be others that were offered; this is merely the list I was given. The one I own weighs one stone; I can only assume that the others do as well.

Note: Dyllis was also present at the more recent Wren Faire, and sold a second set of these gems. Reputedly, the second set appraise at a lower value than those he sold on Aesry, but I have not been able to confirm this.

The Droughtman's tourney also released a set of these gems in game.

a perfect triangle-cut sapphire
a perfect emerald-cut sapphire
a perfect brilliant-cut sapphire
a perfect cabochon-cut sapphire
a dazzling step-cut ruby
a dazzling tear-cut ruby
a dazzling triangle-cut ruby
a dazzling brilliant-cut ruby
a large triangle-cut emerald
a large step-cut emerald
a large square-cut emerald
a large pear-cut emerald
a flawless emerald-cut diamond
a flawless rose-cut diamond
a flawless pear-cut diamond
a flawless brilliant-cut diamond

Pinata Gems

The Lances & Roses Souvenir Shop on Andreshlew, where both the Feast of Eluned and Pirate's Plunder events were held, sold pinatas. Some of the items inside these were gems.

Pinatas were also sold at the Trader's Festival, the Jaal Jeraya, and are available in the 6th year estate holder's tent in Crossing's pier amusement park.

a small gold nugget
a small silver bar
a copper bead
an ivory bead
a silver bead
a polished wooden bead
a bronze bead
a bone bead
a coral bead

Pinatas also hold, on occasion, coral, shells and shell fragments of varying description. These are a few examples.

a pale pink shell fragment
a pale violet shell fragment
a deep grey shell fragment
a soft blue shell fragment
a soft yellow shell fragment
a mottled white shell
a pearlescent pink shell
a swirled white shell
a spiralling white shell
a shimmering grey shell
a shimmering yellow shell
a scalloped blue shell
some vivid green coral
some deep red coral
some dark blue coral
some fiery orange coral

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