Auction Gems

A variety of unique gems have been offered at various auctions. So far, all of them have ended up in my possession. Here's what was offered, as well as a bit of extra information.

5th-year Estate Holder Token Auction

At the 5th-year LTB token auction, a set of fifteen unique gems and case was one of the prizes.

a platinum-edged jewelry case of carved ebony
Tiny caravans follow one another in an oval across the lid of this case, each inlaid with a different gem. The platinum filigree work along the edges and corners prevents signs of wear on the fine wood and add an elegant appearance. Lush crimson velvet lines the interior of the case, protecting the jewelry and gems within.

a large crystalline topaz
a huge egg-shaped opal
a large cabochon emerald
a large oval ruby
a large flawless peridot
a lump of polished onyx
a large violet garnet
a spiral of glowing sunstone
a crescent of silver-flecked moonstone
a midnight blue sapphire
a cube of polished agate
a large occluded bloodgem
a twisted black pearl
a striated purple alexandrite
a chunk of mottled malachite

6th-Year Estate Holder Token Auction

This auction had one sparkly, usable to create a custom chakrel amulet. Unfortunately for Magdar and any other barbarians wanting it, I got to the winner first.

a huge chakrel stone
The lump of reddish-orange stone contains slender black streaks and large white flame-shaped inclusion at its heart.

Appraisal Value: 187500 Kronars

Crossing Amusement Pier Auction 7/19/2003

This singular gem is quite possibly the most well-developed of the gems currently known in Elanthia; it was first available in jewelry settings from Immokokkon and Sons. This is the only loose specimen known.

a small moonspun ruby
Moonspun rubies range in color from pale pink to a deep rose, with this one being a rich, dark shade having hints of purple. As with all moonspun rubies, a shaft of silver runs through its center. The jewel is cut so that the silver resembles a crescent moon, its glints sparkling brightly through the surrounding gemstone.

Appraisal value: 2441865 Kronars

It came with the following:

a red leather gem pouch
a piece of red glass * 12

Further information on moonspun rubies in general was offered me by GM Tvini:

A shaft of silver generally runs through the center of a moonspun ruby, giving it a distinctive appearance which many mistake for a pink topaz. The color range for this gem is anywhere from pale pink to deep rose, and the best are cut so the silver shaft resembles a crescent moon. This "flaw" of the mineral emits sharp silvery glints that "erupt" from the surrounding shade. The moonspun ruby is exceptionally rare, and never found in finished pieces of more than a half-carat.

Jaal Jeraya: Romancing the Seas Coin Auction

Two sets of gems were sold at this auction. The first contained gems available in the normal treasure system, quest variants, and stealable gems, so I won't list it here. The other included two unique gems, which are:

a flawless imperial sapphire
Rare is the sapphire whose star has seven rays, called an imperial sapphire in tribute to the Seven Star Empire. This stunning star sapphire is a flawless example, with seven perfect rays radiating from its center.

Appraisal value: 1286112 Kronars

a large dusk spinel
This gem has subtle variations in color, from light violet to dark purple.

Appraisal value: 42973 Kronars

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