Throne City Museum Gems

The Museum in Throne City has cases of gems (and other things, but I won't go into either those or gweth stones) which can be stolen from by a thief of high enough caliber. They come in two types: specific targets and random.

The specific target gems are:

a carved yellow topaz
The carvings on the topaz are half animal, half humanoid. A number of them have two heads, though none of the shapes are recognizable.

an iconic carved bloodstone
The egg-like shape of the bloodstone bears a fair amount of tiny carvings along its surface. Some appear to be dragons, but all are too small to make out fully.

a small serpent-shaped emerald
The shape of the emerald is crudely serpentine, but makes efficient use of the gem's limited space by careful placement of the coils, head, and fangs.

The random generated case gems make up the largest set of gems in Elanthia. The possible sizes/conditions, cuts and species are:

Size/Condition Cut Species
small arrow-shaped agate
medium cabochon amethyst
large carved aquamarine
chipped crown-cut crystal
cracked engraved emerald
flawless gold-flaked (crystal only) garnet
  king-cut jasper
  oval malachite
  round opal
  spherical pearl
  square peridot
  step-cut quartz
  triangular ruby

The *possible* combinations are listed below. At Simucon 2002, GM Rigby was kind enough to inform me that not all combinations will come out of the random gem case, and cruel enough not to tell me which ones wouldn't. As with the quest variants, gems in yellow are those I can confirm as existing, while the few in green belong in other sets.

a small arrow-shaped agate
a small arrow-shaped amethyst
a small arrow-shaped aquamarine
a small arrow-shaped crystal
a small arrow-shaped diamond
a small arrow-shaped emerald
a small arrow-shaped garnet
a small arrow-shaped jasper
a small arrow-shaped malachite
a small arrow-shaped opal

a small arrow-shaped pearl
a small arrow-shaped peridot
a small arrow-shaped quartz
a small arrow-shaped ruby
a small arrow-shaped sapphire
a small arrow-shaped topaz
a small arrow-shaped turquoise
a small cabochon agate
a small cabochon amethyst
a small cabochon aquamarine
a small cabochon crystal
a small cabochon diamond
a small cabochon emerald
a small cabochon garnet
a small cabochon jasper
a small cabochon malachite
a small cabochon opal
a small cabochon pearl
a small cabochon peridot
a small cabochon quartz
a small cabochon ruby
a small cabochon sapphire

a small cabochon topaz
a small cabochon turquoise
a small carved agate
a small carved amethyst
a small carved aquamarine
a small carved crystal
a small carved diamond
a small carved emerald
a small carved garnet
a small carved jasper
a small carved malachite

a small carved opal
a small carved pearl
a small carved peridot
a small carved quartz

a small carved ruby
a small carved sapphire
a small carved topaz
a small carved turquoise
a small crown-cut agate
a small crown-cut amethyst
a small crown-cut aquamarine
a small crown-cut crystal
a small crown-cut diamond

a small crown-cut emerald
a small crown-cut garnet
a small crown-cut jasper
a small crown-cut malachite
a small crown-cut opal
a small crown-cut pearl
a small crown-cut peridot
a small crown-cut quartz
a small crown-cut ruby
a small crown-cut sapphire
a small crown-cut topaz
a small crown-cut turquoise
a small engraved agate
a small engraved amethyst
a small engraved aquamarine
a small engraved crystal
a small engraved diamond
a small engraved emerald
a small engraved garnet
a small engraved jasper

a small engraved malachite
a small engraved opal
a small engraved pearl
a small engraved peridot
a small engraved quartz
a small engraved ruby
a small engraved sapphire
a small engraved topaz
a small engraved turquoise

a small gold-flaked crystal
a small king-cut agate
a small king-cut amethyst
a small king-cut aquamarine
a small king-cut crystal
a small king-cut diamond
a small king-cut emerald
a small king-cut garnet
a small king-cut jasper
a small king-cut malachite
a small king-cut opal
a small king-cut pearl

a small king-cut peridot
a small king-cut quartz
a small king-cut ruby
a small king-cut sapphire

a small king-cut topaz
a small king-cut turquoise
a small oval agate
a small oval amethyst
a small oval aquamarine

a small oval crystal
a small oval diamond
a small oval emerald
a small oval garnet
a small oval jasper
a small oval malachite
a small oval opal

a small oval pearl
a small oval peridot
a small oval quartz
a small oval ruby
a small oval sapphire
a small oval topaz
a small oval turquoise
a small round agate
a small round amethyst
a small round aquamarine
a small round crystal
a small round diamond

a small round emerald
a small round garnet
a small round jasper
a small round malachite
a small round opal
a small round pearl
a small round peridot
a small round quartz
a small round ruby
a small round sapphire
a small round topaz
a small round turquoise
a small spherical agate
a small spherical amethyst
a small spherical aquamarine
a small spherical crystal
a small spherical diamond
a small spherical emerald
a small spherical garnet
a small spherical jasper
a small spherical malachite
a small spherical opal
a small spherical pearl
a small spherical peridot
a small spherical quartz
a small spherical ruby
a small spherical sapphire
a small spherical topaz
a small spherical turquoise
a small square agate
a small square amethyst
a small square aquamarine
a small square crystal
a small square diamond
a small square emerald
a small square garnet
a small square jasper
a small square malachite
a small square opal
a small square pearl
a small square peridot
a small square quartz
a small square ruby
a small square sapphire
a small square topaz
a small square turquoise
a small step-cut agate
a small step-cut amethyst

a small step-cut aquamarine
a small step-cut crystal
a small step-cut diamond
a small step-cut emerald
a small step-cut garnet
a small step-cut jasper
a small step-cut malachite
a small step-cut opal

a small step-cut pearl
a small step-cut peridot
a small step-cut quartz
a small step-cut ruby
a small step-cut sapphire
a small step-cut topaz
a small step-cut turquoise
a small triangular agate
a small triangular amethyst
a small triangular aquamarine
a small triangular crystal
a small triangular diamond
a small triangular emerald

a small triangular garnet
a small triangular jasper
a small triangular malachite
a small triangular opal
a small triangular pearl
a small triangular peridot
a small triangular quartz

a small triangular ruby
a small triangular sapphire
a small triangular topaz
a small triangular turquoise

a medium arrow-shaped agate
a medium arrow-shaped amethyst
a medium arrow-shaped aquamarine
a medium arrow-shaped crystal
a medium arrow-shaped diamond
a medium arrow-shaped emerald
a medium arrow-shaped garnet
a medium arrow-shaped jasper
a medium arrow-shaped malachite

a medium arrow-shaped opal
a medium arrow-shaped pearl
a medium arrow-shaped peridot
a medium arrow-shaped quartz
a medium arrow-shaped ruby
a medium arrow-shaped sapphire
a medium arrow-shaped topaz
a medium arrow-shaped turquoise

a medium cabochon agate
a medium cabochon amethyst
a medium cabochon aquamarine
a medium cabochon crystal
a medium cabochon diamond
a medium cabochon emerald
a medium cabochon garnet
a medium cabochon jasper
a medium cabochon malachite
a medium cabochon opal
a medium cabochon pearl
a medium cabochon peridot
a medium cabochon quartz
a medium cabochon ruby
a medium cabochon sapphire
a medium cabochon topaz

a medium cabochon turquoise
a medium carved agate
a medium carved amethyst
a medium carved aquamarine
a medium carved crystal
a medium carved diamond
a medium carved emerald
a medium carved garnet
a medium carved jasper
a medium carved malachite
a medium carved opal

a medium carved pearl
a medium carved peridot
a medium carved quartz

a medium carved ruby
a medium carved sapphire
a medium carved topaz
a medium carved turquoise
a medium crown-cut agate

a medium crown-cut amethyst
a medium crown-cut aquamarine
a medium crown-cut crystal
a medium crown-cut diamond
a medium crown-cut emerald
a medium crown-cut garnet
a medium crown-cut jasper
a medium crown-cut malachite
a medium crown-cut opal
a medium crown-cut pearl
a medium crown-cut peridot
a medium crown-cut quartz
a medium crown-cut ruby
a medium crown-cut sapphire
a medium crown-cut topaz
a medium crown-cut turquoise
a medium engraved agate
a medium engraved amethyst
a medium engraved aquamarine
a medium engraved crystal
a medium engraved diamond
a medium engraved emerald
a medium engraved garnet
a medium engraved jasper
a medium engraved malachite
a medium engraved opal
a medium engraved pearl
a medium engraved peridot
a medium engraved quartz
a medium engraved ruby
a medium engraved sapphire

a medium engraved topaz
a medium engraved turquoise
a medium gold-flaked crystal
a medium king-cut agate
a medium king-cut amethyst
a medium king-cut aquamarine
a medium king-cut crystal
a medium king-cut diamond
a medium king-cut emerald
a medium king-cut garnet
a medium king-cut jasper
a medium king-cut malachite
a medium king-cut opal

a medium king-cut pearl
a medium king-cut peridot
a medium king-cut quartz
a medium king-cut ruby
a medium king-cut sapphire
a medium king-cut topaz
a medium king-cut turquoise
a medium oval agate
a medium oval amethyst
a medium oval aquamarine
a medium oval crystal
a medium oval diamond
a medium oval emerald
a medium oval garnet
a medium oval jasper
a medium oval malachite
a medium oval opal
a medium oval pearl
a medium oval peridot
a medium oval quartz
a medium oval ruby
a medium oval sapphire
a medium oval topaz
a medium oval turquoise
a medium round agate
a medium round amethyst

a medium round aquamarine
a medium round crystal
a medium round diamond
a medium round emerald
a medium round garnet

a medium round jasper
a medium round malachite
a medium round opal
a medium round pearl
a medium round peridot
a medium round quartz
a medium round ruby
a medium round sapphire
a medium round topaz
a medium round turquoise
a medium spherical agate
a medium spherical amethyst
a medium spherical aquamarine

a medium spherical crystal
a medium spherical diamond
a medium spherical emerald
a medium spherical garnet
a medium spherical jasper
a medium spherical malachite
a medium spherical opal
a medium spherical pearl

a medium spherical peridot
a medium spherical quartz
a medium spherical ruby
a medium spherical sapphire
a medium spherical topaz
a medium spherical turquoise
a medium square agate
a medium square amethyst
a medium square aquamarine
a medium square crystal
a medium square diamond
a medium square emerald

a medium square garnet
a medium square jasper
a medium square malachite
a medium square opal
a medium square pearl
a medium square peridot
a medium square quartz
a medium square ruby
a medium square sapphire
a medium square topaz
a medium square turquoise
a medium step-cut agate

a medium step-cut amethyst
a medium step-cut aquamarine
a medium step-cut crystal
a medium step-cut diamond
a medium step-cut emerald
a medium step-cut garnet
a medium step-cut jasper
a medium step-cut malachite
a medium step-cut opal
a medium step-cut pearl
a medium step-cut peridot
a medium step-cut quartz
a medium step-cut ruby

a medium step-cut sapphire
a medium step-cut topaz
a medium step-cut turquoise
a medium triangular agate
a medium triangular amethyst
a medium triangular aquamarine
a medium triangular crystal
a medium triangular diamond

a medium triangular emerald
a medium triangular garnet
a medium triangular jasper

a medium triangular malachite
a medium triangular opal
a medium triangular pearl
a medium triangular peridot
a medium triangular quartz
a medium triangular ruby
a medium triangular sapphire

a medium triangular topaz
a medium triangular turquoise
a large arrow-shaped agate
a large arrow-shaped amethyst
a large arrow-shaped aquamarine
a large arrow-shaped crystal
a large arrow-shaped emerald
a large arrow-shaped diamond
a large arrow-shaped garnet
a large arrow-shaped jasper
a large arrow-shaped malachite

a large arrow-shaped opal
a large arrow-shaped pearl
a large arrow-shaped peridot
a large arrow-shaped quartz
a large arrow-shaped ruby
a large arrow-shaped sapphire
a large arrow-shaped topaz
a large arrow-shaped turquoise
a large cabochon agate
a large cabochon amethyst
a large cabochon aquamarine
a large cabochon crystal
a large cabochon diamond

a large cabochon emerald
a large cabochon garnet
a large cabochon jasper
a large cabochon malachite
a large cabochon opal
a large cabochon pearl
a large cabochon peridot
a large cabochon quartz
a large cabochon ruby
a large cabochon sapphire
a large cabochon topaz
a large cabochon turquoise
a large carved agate
a large carved amethyst

a large carved aquamarine
a large carved crystal
a large carved diamond
a large carved emerald
a large carved garnet
a large carved jasper
a large carved malachite
a large carved opal
a large carved pearl
a large carved peridot
a large carved quartz
a large carved ruby
a large carved sapphire
a large carved topaz
a large carved turquoise
a large crown-cut agate
a large crown-cut amethyst
a large crown-cut aquamarine
a large crown-cut crystal
a large crown-cut diamond

a large crown-cut emerald
a large crown-cut garnet
a large crown-cut jasper
a large crown-cut malachite
a large crown-cut opal
a large crown-cut pearl
a large crown-cut peridot
a large crown-cut quartz
a large crown-cut ruby
a large crown-cut sapphire
a large crown-cut topaz
a large crown-cut turquoise
a large engraved agate
a large engraved amethyst
a large engraved aquamarine
a large engraved crystal
a large engraved diamond
a large engraved emerald
a large engraved garnet
a large engraved jasper
a large engraved malachite
a large engraved opal
a large engraved pearl
a large engraved peridot
a large engraved quartz
a large engraved ruby
a large engraved sapphire

a large engraved topaz
a large engraved turquoise
a large gold-flaked crystal
a large king-cut agate
a large king-cut amethyst
a large king-cut aquamarine
a large king-cut crystal
a large king-cut diamond
a large king-cut emerald
a large king-cut garnet
a large king-cut jasper
a large king-cut malachite
a large king-cut opal
a large king-cut pearl
a large king-cut peridot
a large king-cut quartz
a large king-cut ruby
a large king-cut sapphire
a large king-cut topaz
a large king-cut turquoise
a large oval agate

a large oval amethyst
a large oval aquamarine
a large oval crystal
a large oval diamond
a large oval emerald
a large oval garnet
a large oval jasper
a large oval malachite
a large oval opal
a large oval pearl
a large oval peridot
a large oval quartz
a large oval ruby
a large oval sapphire
a large oval topaz
a large oval turquoise
a large round agate

a large round amethyst
a large round aquamarine
a large round crystal
a large round diamond
a large round emerald
a large round garnet
a large round jasper
a large round malachite
a large round opal
a large round pearl
a large round peridot
a large round quartz
a large round ruby
a large round sapphire
a large round topaz
a large round turquoise
a large spherical agate
a large spherical amethyst
a large spherical aquamarine
a large spherical crystal
a large spherical diamond

a large spherical emerald
a large spherical garnet
a large spherical jasper
a large spherical malachite
a large spherical opal
a large spherical pearl
a large spherical peridot
a large spherical quartz
a large spherical ruby
a large spherical sapphire
a large spherical topaz
a large spherical turquoise
a large square agate
a large square amethyst
a large square aquamarine
a large square crystal
a large square diamond
a large square emerald
a large square garnet
a large square jasper

a large square malachite
a large square opal
a large square pearl
a large square peridot
a large square quartz
a large square ruby
a large square sapphire
a large square topaz

a large square turquoise
a large step-cut agate
a large step-cut amethyst
a large step-cut aquamarine
a large step-cut crystal
a large step-cut diamond
a large step-cut emerald
a large step-cut garnet
a large step-cut jasper
a large step-cut malachite
a large step-cut opal
a large step-cut pearl
a large step-cut peridot
a large step-cut quartz
a large step-cut ruby
a large step-cut sapphire
a large step-cut topaz
a large step-cut turquoise
a large triangular agate
a large triangular amethyst
a large triangular aquamarine
a large triangular crystal
a large triangular diamond
a large triangular emerald
a large triangular garnet
a large triangular jasper
a large triangular malachite
a large triangular opal
a large triangular pearl
a large triangular peridot
a large triangular quartz
a large triangular ruby
a large triangular sapphire
a large triangular topaz
a large triangular turquoise
a chipped arrow-shaped agate
a chipped arrow-shaped amethyst
a chipped arrow-shaped aquamarine
a chipped arrow-shaped crystal
a chipped arrow-shaped diamond
a chipped arrow-shaped emerald
a chipped arrow-shaped garnet
a chipped arrow-shaped jasper
a chipped arrow-shaped malachite

a chipped arrow-shaped opal
a chipped arrow-shaped pearl
a chipped arrow-shaped peridot
a chipped arrow-shaped quartz
a chipped arrow-shaped ruby
a chipped arrow-shaped sapphire

a chipped arrow-shaped topaz
a chipped arrow-shaped turquoise
a chipped cabochon agate
a chipped cabochon amethyst
a chipped cabochon aquamarine
a chipped cabochon crystal
a chipped cabochon diamond
a chipped cabochon emerald
a chipped cabochon garnet
a chipped cabochon jasper

a chipped cabochon malachite
a chipped cabochon opal
a chipped cabochon pearl
a chipped cabochon peridot

a chipped cabochon quartz
a chipped cabochon ruby
a chipped cabochon sapphire
a chipped cabochon topaz
a chipped cabochon turquoise
a chipped carved agate
a chipped carved amethyst
a chipped carved aquamarine
a chipped carved crystal
a chipped carved diamond
a chipped carved emerald
a chipped carved garnet
a chipped carved jasper
a chipped carved malachite
a chipped carved opal
a chipped carved pearl
a chipped carved peridot
a chipped carved quartz
a chipped carved ruby
a chipped carved sapphire
a chipped carved topaz
a chipped carved turquoise
a chipped crown-cut agate
a chipped crown-cut amethyst
a chipped crown-cut aquamarine
a chipped crown-cut crystal
a chipped crown-cut diamond
a chipped crown-cut emerald
a chipped crown-cut garnet
a chipped crown-cut jasper
a chipped crown-cut malachite
a chipped crown-cut opal
a chipped crown-cut pearl
a chipped crown-cut peridot

a chipped crown-cut quartz
a chipped crown-cut ruby
a chipped crown-cut sapphire
a chipped crown-cut topaz
a chipped crown-cut turquoise
a chipped engraved agate
a chipped engraved amethyst
a chipped engraved aquamarine
a chipped engraved crystal
a chipped engraved diamond
a chipped engraved emerald
a chipped engraved garnet
a chipped engraved jasper
a chipped engraved malachite
a chipped engraved opal
a chipped engraved pearl
a chipped engraved peridot
a chipped engraved quartz
a chipped engraved ruby
a chipped engraved sapphire
a chipped engraved topaz
a chipped engraved turquoise
a chipped gold-flaked crystal
a chipped king-cut agate
a chipped king-cut amethyst
a chipped king-cut aquamarine
a chipped king-cut crystal
a chipped king-cut diamond
a chipped king-cut emerald
a chipped king-cut garnet
a chipped king-cut jasper

a chipped king-cut malachite
a chipped king-cut opal
a chipped king-cut pearl

a chipped king-cut peridot
a chipped king-cut quartz
a chipped king-cut ruby
a chipped king-cut sapphire
a chipped king-cut topaz
a chipped king-cut turquoise
a chipped oval agate
a chipped oval amethyst

a chipped oval aquamarine
a chipped oval crystal
a chipped oval diamond
a chipped oval emerald
a chipped oval garnet
a chipped oval jasper

a chipped oval malachite
a chipped oval opal
a chipped oval pearl
a chipped oval peridot
a chipped oval quartz

a chipped oval ruby
a chipped oval sapphire
a chipped oval topaz
a chipped oval turquoise

a chipped round agate
a chipped round amethyst
a chipped round aquamarine
a chipped round crystal
a chipped round diamond
a chipped round emerald
a chipped round garnet
a chipped round jasper
a chipped round malachite
a chipped round opal
a chipped round pearl
a chipped round peridot
a chipped round quartz
a chipped round ruby
a chipped round sapphire
a chipped round topaz
a chipped round turquoise
a chipped spherical agate

a chipped spherical amethyst
a chipped spherical aquamarine
a chipped spherical crystal
a chipped spherical diamond
a chipped spherical emerald
a chipped spherical garnet

a chipped spherical jasper
a chipped spherical malachite
a chipped spherical opal
a chipped spherical pearl
a chipped spherical peridot
a chipped spherical quartz
a chipped spherical ruby
a chipped spherical sapphire
a chipped spherical topaz
a chipped spherical turquoise
a chipped square agate
a chipped square amethyst
a chipped square aquamarine
a chipped square crystal
a chipped square diamond
a chipped square garnet
a chipped square jasper

a chipped square malachite
a chipped square opal
a chipped square pearl
a chipped square peridot
a chipped square quartz
a chipped square ruby
a chipped square sapphire

a chipped square topaz
a chipped square turquoise
a chipped step-cut agate

a chipped step-cut amethyst
a chipped step-cut aquamarine
a chipped step-cut crystal
a chipped step-cut diamond
a chipped step-cut emerald
a chipped step-cut garnet
a chipped step-cut jasper
a chipped step-cut malachite
a chipped step-cut opal
a chipped step-cut pearl
a chipped step-cut peridot
a chipped step-cut quartz
a chipped step-cut ruby
a chipped step-cut sapphire
a chipped step-cut topaz
a chipped step-cut turquoise

a chipped triangular agate
a chipped triangular amethyst
a chipped triangular aquamarine
a chipped triangular crystal
a chipped triangular diamond
a chipped triangular emerald

a chipped triangular garnet
a chipped triangular jasper
a chipped triangular malachite
a chipped triangular opal
a chipped triangular pearl
a chipped triangular peridot
a chipped triangular quartz
a chipped triangular ruby
a chipped triangular sapphire
a chipped triangular topaz
a chipped triangular turquoise
a cracked arrow-shaped agate

a cracked arrow-shaped amethyst
a cracked arrow-shaped aquamarine
a cracked arrow-shaped crystal
a cracked arrow-shaped diamond
a cracked arrow-shaped emerald
a cracked arrow-shaped garnet
a cracked arrow-shaped jasper
a cracked arrow-shaped malachite
a cracked arrow-shaped opal
a cracked arrow-shaped pearl
a cracked arrow-shaped peridot
a cracked arrow-shaped quartz
a cracked arrow-shaped ruby
a cracked arrow-shaped sapphire
a cracked arrow-shaped topaz
a cracked arrow-shaped turquoise

a cracked cabochon agate
a cracked cabochon amethyst
a cracked cabochon aquamarine
a cracked cabochon crystal

a cracked cabochon diamond
a cracked cabochon emerald
a cracked cabochon garnet
a cracked cabochon jasper
a cracked cabochon malachite
a cracked cabochon opal
a cracked cabochon pearl
a cracked cabochon peridot
a cracked cabochon quartz
a cracked cabochon ruby
a cracked cabochon sapphire
a cracked cabochon topaz
a cracked cabochon turquoise
a cracked carved agate
a cracked carved amethyst
a cracked carved aquamarine

a cracked carved crystal
a cracked carved diamond
a cracked carved emerald
a cracked carved garnet
a cracked carved jasper
a cracked carved malachite
a cracked carved opal
a cracked carved pearl
a cracked carved peridot
a cracked carved quartz
a cracked carved ruby
a cracked carved sapphire
a cracked carved topaz
a cracked carved turquoise
a cracked crown-cut agate
a cracked crown-cut amethyst
a cracked crown-cut aquamarine
a cracked crown-cut crystal
a cracked crown-cut diamond
a cracked crown-cut emerald
a cracked crown-cut garnet
a cracked crown-cut jasper
a cracked crown-cut malachite
a cracked crown-cut opal

a cracked crown-cut pearl
a cracked crown-cut peridot
a cracked crown-cut quartz
a cracked crown-cut ruby
a cracked crown-cut sapphire
a cracked crown-cut topaz
a cracked crown-cut turquoise
a cracked engraved agate

a cracked engraved amethyst
a cracked engraved aquamarine
a cracked engraved crystal
a cracked engraved diamond
a cracked engraved emerald
a cracked engraved garnet
a cracked engraved jasper
a cracked engraved malachite

a cracked engraved opal
a cracked engraved pearl
a cracked engraved peridot
a cracked engraved quartz
a cracked engraved ruby
a cracked engraved sapphire
a cracked engraved topaz
a cracked engraved turquoise
a cracked gold-flaked crystal
a cracked king-cut agate
a cracked king-cut amethyst
a cracked king-cut aquamarine
a cracked king-cut crystal
a cracked king-cut diamond
a cracked king-cut emerald
a cracked king-cut garnet
a cracked king-cut jasper
a cracked king-cut malachite
a cracked king-cut opal
a cracked king-cut pearl

a cracked king-cut peridot
a cracked king-cut quartz
a cracked king-cut ruby
a cracked king-cut sapphire
a cracked king-cut topaz
a cracked king-cut turquoise
a cracked oval agate
a cracked oval amethyst
a cracked oval aquamarine
a cracked oval crystal
a cracked oval diamond
a cracked oval emerald
a cracked oval garnet
a cracked oval jasper
a cracked oval malachite
a cracked oval opal
a cracked oval pearl
a cracked oval peridot
a cracked oval quartz
a cracked oval ruby
a cracked oval sapphire
a cracked oval topaz
a cracked oval turquoise
a cracked round agate
a cracked round amethyst
a cracked round aquamarine
a cracked round crystal
a cracked round diamond
a cracked round emerald
a cracked round garnet
a cracked round jasper
a cracked round malachite
a cracked round opal
a cracked round pearl
a cracked round peridot
a cracked round quartz
a cracked round ruby
a cracked round sapphire
a cracked round topaz
a cracked round turquoise
a cracked spherical agate

a cracked spherical amethyst
a cracked spherical aquamarine
a cracked spherical crystal

a cracked spherical diamond
a cracked spherical emerald
a cracked spherical garnet

a cracked spherical jasper
a cracked spherical malachite
a cracked spherical opal
a cracked spherical pearl
a cracked spherical peridot
a cracked spherical quartz
a cracked spherical ruby
a cracked spherical sapphire
a cracked spherical topaz
a cracked spherical turquoise
a cracked square agate
a cracked square amethyst
a cracked square aquamarine
a cracked square crystal
a cracked square diamond
a cracked square emerald
a cracked square garnet
a cracked square jasper
a cracked square malachite
a cracked square opal
a cracked square pearl
a cracked square peridot
a cracked square quartz
a cracked square ruby
a cracked square sapphire

a cracked square topaz
a cracked square turquoise
a cracked step-cut agate
a cracked step-cut amethyst
a cracked step-cut aquamarine
a cracked step-cut crystal
a cracked step-cut diamond

a cracked step-cut emerald
a cracked step-cut garnet
a cracked step-cut jasper
a cracked step-cut malachite
a cracked step-cut opal
a cracked step-cut pearl
a cracked step-cut peridot
a cracked step-cut quartz
a cracked step-cut ruby
a cracked step-cut sapphire
a cracked step-cut topaz
a cracked step-cut turquoise
a cracked triangular agate
a cracked triangular amethyst
a cracked triangular aquamarine
a cracked triangular crystal
a cracked triangular diamond
a cracked triangular emerald
a cracked triangular garnet
a cracked triangular jasper
a cracked triangular malachite
a cracked triangular opal
a cracked triangular pearl
a cracked triangular peridot
a cracked triangular quartz
a cracked triangular ruby
a cracked triangular sapphire
a cracked triangular topaz
a cracked triangular turquoise
a flawless arrow-shaped agate
a flawless arrow-shaped amethyst
a flawless arrow-shaped aquamarine
a flawless arrow-shaped crystal
a flawless arrow-shaped diamond
a flawless arrow-shaped emerald
a flawless arrow-shaped garnet
a flawless arrow-shaped jasper

a flawless arrow-shaped malachite
a flawless arrow-shaped opal
a flawless arrow-shaped pearl
a flawless arrow-shaped peridot
a flawless arrow-shaped quartz
a flawless arrow-shaped ruby
a flawless arrow-shaped sapphire
a flawless arrow-shaped topaz
a flawless arrow-shaped turquoise
a flawless cabochon agate
a flawless cabochon amethyst
a flawless cabochon aquamarine
a flawless cabochon crystal
a flawless cabochon diamond
a flawless cabochon emerald
a flawless cabochon garnet
a flawless cabochon jasper
a flawless cabochon malachite
a flawless cabochon opal
a flawless cabochon pearl
a flawless cabochon peridot
a flawless cabochon quartz
a flawless cabochon ruby
a flawless cabochon sapphire
a flawless cabochon topaz
a flawless cabochon turquoise
a flawless carved agate
a flawless carved amethyst
a flawless carved aquamarine
a flawless carved crystal
a flawless carved diamond
a flawless carved emerald
a flawless carved garnet
a flawless carved jasper
a flawless carved malachite
a flawless carved opal
a flawless carved pearl
a flawless carved peridot
a flawless carved quartz
a flawless carved ruby

a flawless carved sapphire
a flawless carved topaz
a flawless carved turquoise
a flawless crown-cut agate
a flawless crown-cut amethyst
a flawless crown-cut aquamarine
a flawless crown-cut crystal

a flawless crown-cut diamond
a flawless crown-cut emerald
a flawless crown-cut garnet
a flawless crown-cut jasper
a flawless crown-cut malachite
a flawless crown-cut opal
a flawless crown-cut pearl
a flawless crown-cut peridot
a flawless crown-cut quartz
a flawless crown-cut ruby
a flawless crown-cut sapphire

a flawless crown-cut topaz
a flawless crown-cut turquoise
a flawless engraved agate
a flawless engraved amethyst

a flawless engraved aquamarine
a flawless engraved crystal
a flawless engraved diamond
a flawless engraved emerald
a flawless engraved garnet
a flawless engraved jasper
a flawless engraved malachite
a flawless engraved opal
a flawless engraved pearl
a flawless engraved peridot
a flawless engraved quartz
a flawless engraved ruby

a flawless engraved sapphire
a flawless engraved topaz
a flawless engraved turquoise
a flawless gold-flaked crystal
a flawless king-cut agate
a flawless king-cut amethyst
a flawless king-cut aquamarine
a flawless king-cut crystal
a flawless king-cut diamond
a flawless king-cut emerald
a flawless king-cut garnet
a flawless king-cut jasper
a flawless king-cut malachite
a flawless king-cut opal

a flawless king-cut pearl
a flawless king-cut peridot
a flawless king-cut quartz
a flawless king-cut ruby
a flawless king-cut sapphire
a flawless king-cut topaz
a flawless king-cut turquoise
a flawless oval agate
a flawless oval amethyst
a flawless oval aquamarine
a flawless oval crystal
a flawless oval emerald
a flawless oval emerald
a flawless oval garnet
a flawless oval jasper
a flawless oval malachite
a flawless oval opal
a flawless oval pearl
a flawless oval peridot
a flawless oval quartz
a flawless oval ruby
a flawless oval sapphire
a flawless oval topaz
a flawless oval turquoise
a flawless round agate
a flawless round amethyst

a flawless round aquamarine
a flawless round crystal
a flawless round diamond
a flawless round emerald
a flawless round garnet
a flawless round jasper
a flawless round malachite
a flawless round opal
a flawless round pearl
a flawless round peridot
a flawless round quartz
a flawless round ruby
a flawless round sapphire
a flawless round topaz
a flawless round turquoise
a flawless spherical agate
a flawless spherical amethyst
a flawless spherical aquamarine
a flawless spherical crystal
a flawless spherical diamond
a flawless spherical emerald

a flawless spherical garnet
a flawless spherical jasper
a flawless spherical malachite
a flawless spherical opal
a flawless spherical pearl

a flawless spherical peridot
a flawless spherical quartz
a flawless spherical ruby
a flawless spherical sapphire
a flawless spherical topaz
a flawless spherical turquoise
a flawless square agate
a flawless square amethyst
a flawless square aquamarine
a flawless square crystal
a flawless square diamond
a flawless square emerald
a flawless square garnet
a flawless square jasper
a flawless square malachite
a flawless square opal
a flawless square pearl
a flawless square peridot
a flawless square quartz
a flawless square ruby
a flawless square sapphire
a flawless square topaz
a flawless square turquoise
a flawless step-cut agate
a flawless step-cut amethyst
a flawless step-cut aquamarine
a flawless step-cut crystal

a flawless step-cut diamond
a flawless step-cut emerald
a flawless step-cut garnet
a flawless step-cut jasper
a flawless step-cut malachite
a flawless step-cut opal
a flawless step-cut pearl
a flawless step-cut peridot
a flawless step-cut quartz
a flawless step-cut ruby

a flawless step-cut sapphire
a flawless step-cut topaz
a flawless step-cut turquoise
a flawless triangular agate
a flawless triangular amethyst

a flawless triangular aquamarine
a flawless triangular crystal
a flawless triangular diamond
a flawless triangular emerald
a flawless triangular garnet
a flawless triangular jasper
a flawless triangular malachite
a flawless triangular opal

a flawless triangular pearl
a flawless triangular peridot
a flawless triangular quartz
a flawless triangular ruby
a flawless triangular sapphire
a flawless triangular topaz
a flawless triangular turquoise

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