You see GameHost Bekah Stonehiem of Elanthia, an Elven Barbarian.
She has pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. Her blue-black hair is long and wavy, and is worn arranged in a mohawk. She has fair skin. She has painted an elegant white unicorn loping proudly across her cheek.
She is young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a small gold badge engraved with the words "Don't hug me - I bite", a jadeite gwethdesuan, a pure white backpack, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver-veined ebonwood staff topped with a glowing silver star, some red-gold crested leathers, a pair of black leather pants that ride low across the hips and are belted with a large silver buckle in the shape of a centaur, a tart launcher and a red velvet fur-trimmed hat adorned with a jingle bell.