You see GameHost Felimid Mac'Daigh, a Human.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an animite armband decorated with intricately carved cambrinth gargoyles set in a variety of poses along its outer surface, some full plate armor, a white silver cleric's earring shaped as two hands raised in benediction, a small reinforced steel cage attached to an intricately carved animite chain, a dirty white smock embroidered with the faint image of a smiling Gor'Tog, a crudely made leather necklace hung with a shrunken goblin head, a threadbare goblinskin ritual robe with obscure runic symbols crudely stitched along the hem, a slobbering goblin mask, a threadbare leather backpack splotched with unidentifiable stains and a white wool cloak embroidered with ice blue snowflakes.