You see GameHost Liralor Wyldfir, a Prydaen.
Liralor has russet hair, tawny skin, one green eye and one clear colored eye, and an elegant white unicorn loping proudly across her cheek.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some dark blue nightingale feathers, a dark brown travel cloak unravelling at the seams, a tiny specked green frog wearing a sign that reads "Eh'body luvs Aidre", a dented brass button that reads "HUG AT YOUR OWN RISK!", a dark brown suede vest stitched with green thread that forms various patterns, a white shirt with long billowing sleeves that are laced at the cuffs with dark leather, a braided leather hip belt threaded with sleek raven feathers, some form-fitting dark leather pants, a thigh quiver with criss-cross leather ties, a dark journey pack with a couple of wren feathers dangling from it, a simple gold tailband, some worn black leather knee-high boots and a leather dispatch case.