You see GameHost Rhiannion Blackmour of Elanthia, a Dwarven Empath.
She has amber eyes, very long curly blue-black hair that is loose, and fair skin.
She is young for a Dwarf.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a long polished mahogany staff adorned with cute little genie charms with the words "If all else fails, FLIRT!" engraved on it in her left hand.
She is wearing a tiny platinum sphere strung on a purple ribbon, a pair of delicate ruby slippers sprinkled with sparkling amethyst genie-dust, a pair of semi-sheer lavender chiffon pantaloons with slits down the sides which tie at the bottom with shimmering purple silk ribbons, a sinuously-formed hip chain with long platinum links which dangle shiny miniature bells and amethyst hearts, a layered lavender chiffon bustier embroidered with crimson silk orchids and delicate silk straps, a long diamond-cut platinum-linked chain with a large dangling ruby "Star of Wishes", a golden lamp that looks like it's been rubbed one too many times by assists, some ruby-encrusted finger-bells, a soft fluffy-white shoulder satchel elegantly embedded with the words "Keep out! Genie's Things" in magical genie-dust, a delicate forged platinum armband that resembles a steaming puff of smoke which reveals the words "Your wish is my command!", an amethyst-encrusted platinum tiara with a perfect marquis-shaped diamond sparkling admist the intricate centerpiece and a striking ruby rose on a curling emerald stem with a miniature genie sitting mischievously with a knowing wink in her eye.