You see GameHost Rumour Morrigan, a Prydaen Thief.
She has pointed ears and cat-slitted violet eyes. Her black mane is very long and fine, and is worn arranged in pigtails. She has silver fur with black points with white spots and a slender tail.
She is young for a Prydaen.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a red velvet fur-trimmed hat adorned with a jingle bell, a delicate diamond encrusted silver circlet, a Rumour ornament, some black and yellow weepers, a shimmering silver spidersilk loot sack, a diamond and black pearl studded collar with dangling silver bell charms, a tiny silver sunburst strung on a blue ribbon, a silvery Surlaenis trout, a bright yellow canary feather, a silver pin engraved with the words "Tweety who?" in gothic script, a bat-winged boomerang, a soft leather belt pouch with 'Cheeze' crudely clawed into it's surface, some diamond dusted black eel-skin gloves with razor-sharp silver claws, a polished silver snuff case with the words "Mother Tabitha's Finest Catnip" engraved across the lid, a soft lamb-skin utility belt with several clever and diabolical mousetraps tethered to it, an exquisitely tailored supple black leather cat-suit fastened with engraved silver buttons down the back, an enruned silver tail spur and some silver buttoned black lambswool paw booties.