You see GameHost Seionna Hartswept, an Elven Warrior Mage.
Seionna has dark brown hair, rosy skin, jade eyes, and an elegant white unicorn loping proudly across her cheek.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a slightly open bottle of soap bubbles suspended from an iridescent silk ribbon, a circlet of shimmering raindrops, a soap-stained backpack with remnants of burst bubbles clinging to the fabric, a shoulder bag, some sheer diaphanous wings with edges beautifully scalloped and trimmed with starlit iridescence, a white wool cloak embroidered with ice blue snowflakes, an emerald and turquoise bodice made from irridescent scales and sheer lace sleeves, a mist-clad layered sheath skirt with a gossamer open front panel tapering to a point in the back and an anklet with tiny silver rosebud and nightingale charms.