You see GameHost Agion Falkonic, a Kaldar.

You cannot make out his features with the clothing he is wearing.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing some black and yellow weepers, a battle-worn weapon harness studded with darkened steel emblems of the gods, some lime green and yellow stripes, a tiny platinum sphere strung on a purple ribbon, a rough leather-clasped carpetbag, a carved wooden amulet, a burlap bag, a loose black steelsilk shirt trimmed in platinum stitching along the collar and the cuffs of each sleeve, some loose black steelsilk breeches trimmed along the sides with thin platinum stitching, a wide brimmed black hat with a falcon embroidered along the side in platinum and adorned with a long falcon's feather, a wide black traveller's rucksack with platinum clasps in the shape of falcons, a black scabbard adorned with a falcon engraved along it's length in platinum, some black leather traveller's boots with falcons embroidered along the top in platinum stitching, a flowing black hooded traveller's cloak held together with a platinum clasp in the shape of a falcon, a wide black leather belt held tight by a large platinum buckle engraved with the elemental symbols, a crimson silk sash, some black leather falconer's gloves and an antique signet ring bearing the family crest of Falkonic.