You see GameMaster Dalzien Quzku, a Dwarven Moon Mage.
He has silver eyes, shoulder length thick black hair that is loose, and fair skin.
Dalzien has transcended time.
He has a tattoo of a glistening azure dolphin leaping playfully over Xibar on his neck.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a long Katamba-black leather cloak fastened with stunning silver chains that dangle delicately from onyx buttons, a crystalline star, some rose colored spectacles, a black velvet pouch intricately embroidered with tiny silver stars in a complex spiral pattern, an ornate crimson red sash embroidered with dark sigils, some silvery velvet boots with shimmering moonstone clasps, an elegant dark black robe embroidered with a silver nightingale in flight and a finely-tooled leather scroll case with platinum chasings outlining three cabochon moons.