You see GameMaster Dremara Menedol of Elanthia, an Elven Bard.
She has a heart-shaped face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears, sparkling gold eyes, a freckled nose and dimples. Her silver-gilt-streaked blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. She has translucent skin and a curvaceous figure.
She is very tall for an Elf. Dremara has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of a stylized "V" that intersects two blue puncture marks on her neck.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a silvery-white velvet pouch, a jangling platinum hip-chain set with carved dragon's eye ruby roses accented with chrysoprase, a silver-tipped merlin charm with ebony feathers, a well-worn heart-shaped pincushion with a diamond arrow piercing through it, a whimsical creation of chiffon silks in a fluent rainbow of colors, a wedding survival kit that reads "Open in case of emergency", a very thick instruction manual titled "Understanding Men", a small oval badge, a pair of golden sandals with straps that lace up the entire leg, a deep well of emotions, a shiny gold pin with two cherubs holding a banner that reads "Love is as unique as the creations we make", a golden key to my heart inscribed with "Steal me" and a semi-brilliant halo with two tiny cambrinth horns.