You see GameMaster Gaeloric Huntsmen, an Elven Ranger.
He has silver eyes, shoulder length straight black with a white streak running through it hair that is tied back, and fair skin.
Gaeloric has transcended time.
He has a tattoo of a white scar in the shape of a spiral horn on his right wrist.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pair of crystalline spectacles with rose-tinted lenses, a small mechanical sparrow, a weathered traveler's pack, a silken white shirt, some black leather pants embroidered with tiny silvered gryphons, a nametag with the name Cwiss written in red block letters, a simple badge upon which a gryphon is emblazoned in silver threads, a creamy hulnik linen hooded cloak trimmed with a border of richly embroidered purple silk and the image of a silvery unicorn prancing upon a field of clover and a dark blue armband embroidered with the heraldic device of the Stone Clan Militia.