You see Godrich de'Finchal of Zoluren, a Dwarven Trader.
He has grey eyes. He has thinning grey hair and tanned skin.
He is young for a Dwarf.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a wool gem pouch in his right hand and a broadsword in his left.
He is wearing a large sack, a brown yak hair sweater knitted with the crest of the Trader Guild, a large colorful button which reads: "Commodities Rule!", a green canvas feedbag, a worked leather sheath, some finely tailored blue trousers, a black leather bullwhip, a grey linen shirt laced loosely at the throat and embellished with intricate knotwork along the yoke, a heavily stained mariner's cloak encrusted with thick grains of salt along the edges, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Trader Guild, a bonnet elaborately embroidered with a Trader crest pattern in gold-colored thread, a burlap bag, a dark velvetine thigh purse with sculpted platinum rosettes, a deep purple monkshood blossom, a crocodile-skin shield, a large engraved platinum brooch, a cheap-looking Gnomish toy decoder ring, a white gold ring displaying a tear-shaped aquamarine in between two bezel set diamonds, an agate band with snarling gargoyle faces outlined in copper wire, a sleek kidskin belt purse embossed with the crest of the Trader's Guild, a small gold tree pin with emerald leaves, an embroidered reaver-pelt vest, a cloth sling, a wide belt with a number of bulging pockets, a delicate enameled oval locket, some black sharkskin boots, some knitted woolen mittens with a repeating pattern of coins, a tag sack, a second trader day sack and a wide brass bracelet set with a carved jade yak.