An almost godlike aura surrounds Granthal.

You see GameMaster Granthal Blueadehaa, a Dragon Lord.
He has violet eyes, blue and green scales cover his body and wings, only a few scales are molting off at the moment.
He has transcended time.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a steel banded iron staff topped with a large golden dragon with jade eyes, a finely carved wolf amulet inset with tiny emerald eyes, a small treasure chest, an old longbow, some black and yellow weepers, a roughly carved ebony ring inset with a large diamond cut to resemble a wolf's head, a tattered leaf green robe, some soft leather forester's boots dyed leaf green, a large sack, a light green belt woven out of willow twigs with a silver wolf's head buckle and a Kaith Kirm button.