You see GameMaster Iocanthe Deulecresse, a Human.
She has gold-flecked amber eyes. Her silver-streaked brunette hair is long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has pale skin. Iocanthe has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of a trio of silvery teardrops on her left cheekbone.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a sack labeled "Estate Holders, Fashion Show", a cute fuzzy bunny with a pink nose and a beak-shaped indentation on its head, a nap, an Estate Holder plaque, a diaphanous silk gown with a train draping from the shoulders, a crimson Star-eyed rose, some soft flowing veils of delicate silk mesh, an onyx toe ring inlaid with a band of ivory, an onion-shaped pin, a lepradria orchid, Sithirban's autograph, a silver pin emblazoned with the words, "If you're not careful, I may get you hired!", a jeweled bracelet and a mist-blue shoulder bag with silver clasps.