You see GameMaster Kaiya Lyrahn of Elanthia, a Prydaen.
She has cat-slitted violet eyes, a long thick blue-black mane that is unkempt, and blue-grey fur with black points. Kaiya has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of a shooting star on her right temple.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a colorful butterfly charm hanging from a simple silver chain, a "GM of infinite patience" badge, a brass turtle trinket, some crimson sandals with iridescent dragonfly wings, a lapis lazuli beetle bauble, a sturdy well-worn work belt tooled with the Merelew glyph for the deep sea, a GameMaster "On-duty" button, a crimson silk kirtle with long flowing sleeves, a grey woolen mantle, a curved turpeer, a delicate silver hip-chain and a small brown nightingale charm.