You see GameMaster Koyta Sordes, a Halfling Packrat.
She has aged brown eyes, coarse off-white hair framing her round face and tan, yet wrinkled skin.
With a hunched back and bony hands, she appears to be quite old, but it's really not polite to ask someone's age.

A chubby rat wearing a metal tag reading, "Long-tail" is perched atop her head. Currently, the rat is whispering something in Koyta's ear.

She is scratching the rat on her head with her right hand.
She is wearing an ugly felted woolen hat, a gold medal of honor set with a fine square-cut emerald, a bright blue fuzzy scarf adorned with multi-colored woolen balls, a battered quest bag, some mottled rags made from dozens of scraps torn from various articles of clothing, a frayed gerbil net, a Packrat "On-duty" button, a putrid toe ring made of braided yak hair and dried reaver skins, a lumpy sack overflowing with various oddities, a huge peddler's pack stacked high with a carefully secured mountain of junk towering over her head, a badge that reads, "Any item in the realms, 30 minutes or less", a battered leather belt that is so ugly it could scare a swamp troll, a tarnished silver brooch etched with the image of a rather fat rat gnawing on the big toe of a generally annoyed-looking reaver and some black and yellow weepers.