You see GameMaster Laurilana Rezhi, an Elven Warrior Mage.
She has pointed ears and crystal green eyes. Her red hair is very long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has fair skin. Laurilana has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of a bleeding heart on her wrist.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a platinum nose ring, some soft green woolen socks trimmed in gold embroidery, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a pair of soft black leather leggings with rows of tiny gold buttons along the seams, a red coral bead necklace, a pair of golden earrings in the shape of a tiny lightning bolt, some black and yellow weepers, a pair of red leather boots with fire-breathing dragons embroidered along the top, a gold, star-shaped pin engraved with the words "HOSTS ROCK!", a red nightingale charm, a soft red leather haversack, a darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star, a shimmering black watersilk vest, a dinged and dented badge that used to say "HUG A HOST!", a shaded leather talisman case with a chunky diamond clasp and ruby-inlaid scales, an elegant cranberry-red velvet gown edged with a delicate band of Elven lace around a sweetheart neckline and a shiny brass pin that reads "I added a folder and didn't break the boards!" in flowing script.