You see GameMaster Meakah Torash, an Elven Cleric.
She has crystal blue eyes, very long curly golden hair that is braided, and tanned skin.
Meakah has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of a pair of hands, one light and one dark, cradling a bridge that spans the two palms on her ankle.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a shrunken Taer head, a shrunken Stefonn head, a deep black azurite nose-ring, a breastplate made from cougar thigh bones tied together with rawhide, a white silver cleric's earring shaped as two hands raised in benediction, a mesh sack made of interlocked golden cat charms, a bracelet formed from the solidified tears of the dying and bereft, a feathered ceremonial war headdress, a black sarong with ancient tribal symbols stitched in gold, a hawk symbol, a white leather prayer book with the image of the Immortals crudely stitched on the cover, a pin with a cluster of small silver stars, a shrunken Svarthelm head and a heavy gold necklace with a bright medallion.