You see Melodia Malifluis, a Human Bard.
Her liquid green eyes gleam slyly, and her short curly red hair falls in ringlets about her face. Her skin is fair, with freckles falling in reckless abandon across her nose and cheeks.
Melodia looks quite young.

She is holding a big stick in her left hand.

She gracefully wears her tattered clothes as if they were fit for a grand ball -- a thin once-white chemise with sleeves torn off at the elbow and a frayed hem that barely reaches to her ankles. This is partially covered by a dull overskirt that is stained and has been mended repeatedly, and a faded bodice which is tied tightly in front with a piece of string (that is threatening to come unraveled at any moment). Slung over one shoulder is an old flour sack with the words 'belongs to the red-headed step-child' crookedly stitched upon it. She's also wearing a strange button which reads, 'Don't look at ME! It's all Rowan's fault!' Her small feet are bare.