You see The Weird Narcissa Persieve of Elanthia, an Elven Warrior Mage.
She has hazel eyes, long curly auburn hair that is braided, and fair skin. Narcissa has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of seven colorful bears dancing around a sun on her neck.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a silver hip-chain decorated with dangling onyx wolf heads and bells, a burgundy velvet cotehardie with black and gold braiding accenting the square neckline and fitted sleeves, a raccoon launcher finely crafted out of cherry wood and accented by jade and ivory runes, a leather journey pack with a viper tooth clasp, a simple platinum wedding band, a long sheath, a bright yellow dandelion and a Babel fish swimming lazily in a cut-crystal jar tied with a silken cord.