You see Cambri'Naisa Nionon Altarf, a Halfling Sorceress.
She has grey eyes, shoulder length curly brown hair pulled back into a chignon, and rosy skin. The ageless look in her eyes belies the youthfulness of her face. She has a tattoo of a smattering of silver stars in the midnight sky on her cheekbone. She is in good shape. Physically.

She is holding a speaker's staff in her right hand.
She is wearing a large button with block letters reading, "I'm an Empath and *I* know less about combat than Brigdha!", a raccoon launcher, a pair of midnight-blue silk pants decorated on the sides with an array of stars, a cheery blue burlap bag embroidered with a pastoral scene upon the flap, a sleek blue leather bullwhip, a makeshift pin formed from small splinters of wood, a solid ebonywood staff carved with hundreds of intricate Wind Elf runes and a billowing shirt of shimmering deep azure silk which is fastened at the wrists with hammered silver bracers