You see GameMaster Olarra Arilinn, an Elven Empath.
She has lovely pointed ears and incredibly deep, yet hypnotic violet eyes that seem to twinkle. Several tiny braids woven with precious gems frame her creamy complexion, while the rest of the curly golden locks tumble wildly to well below her waist.
Olarra has transcended time.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a tall glass of silvery white wine in her left hand.
She is wearing a brilliant gold amulet dangling a dragon's claw charm that grasps a smoky zengalmi runestone, an ivory-inlaid crossbow, a gold pin, a pair of dangling amethyst earrings encirled with tiny pearls, a twisted cambrinth armband, a large snowy owl charm, a dark grey silk ribbon strung with a smoky quartz shark, a pair of silk stockings, a storm grey spidersilk cloak clasped with a large black opal, a large ebony spidersilk weapons harness woven with silvery threads, a carved grenga wood dragon statuette suspended from a leather thong, a pair of dark grey satin slippers, a full length ivory silk chemise that pools about the ankles, an official test bunny badge, a twisted cambrinth armband and a stuffed black and white shh'oi paguur.