You see GameMaster Sashera Rameesi, an Elven Ranger She has pointed ears and sparkling amber eyes. Her russet hair, the color of a perfect sunset, is very long and wavy. Sashera's lips are twitching with the ghost of a smile.
Sashera may be very young or very old, it's hard to tell from this angle.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a tanned doeskin sack, a battered leather pack, a tiny wooden tree pin, an anklet strung from intertwining gold fishhooks and obsidian lures, some carved jade earrings, a flame rose dream pillow with white linen ties, a pair of green silk slippers with thin suede laces, a cute kitten finger puppet, a black leather bullwhip, a hunter green gown with a flared skirt, an exquisitely woven white silk rose with an emerald green stem twined around a platinum seven-pointed star, a forest green tanner's satchel, a hunter green snood, a filigreed silver cuff edged with a small band of twisted gold and a wide-eyed mentor mask.