You see Saint Viani, GameMaster.

A colorful aura surrounds a pretty gypsy girl with multi-colored ribbons encircling her throat. Thick red hair cascades down her back in waves highlighting emerald-green eyes that twinkle mischievously.

She is wearing a multi-colored skirt that flutters in the breeze, a white low-cut bodice woven of the finest linen, and a scarlet leather girdle laced tightly up the front. In her ears she wears a pair of simple gold hoops and a thick silver chain with dozens of tiny bells circles her ankle. A red sluagh-hide whip with a dragon claw handle hangs loosely around her waist, and on her head, a green silk gypsy scarf tied in a lover's knot over her left ear. She is wearing a bunch of other girlie stuff, too.

~~ A shimmering silver halo floats serenely above her head ~~

Viani has her right hand resting on the dragon claw handle of her red sluagh-hide whip.