[Wolf Clan Home, Dirt Road]
A small community of wooden buildings stands in a clearing, sheltered by the dense, towering trees of Wildulf Woods. The timber dwellings are of primitive construction, but on closer inspection, you can see that they are clean and well-maintained. Several tall, stern-looking Human men, dressed in deer-skin leggings, stride purposefully down a dirt road, heading west toward a large lodge in the distance. You also see a rickety caravan with the Yygis crate on it and the Trader Guild outpost.
Also here: Danielbyron, GameMaster Yygis, Draegarthe
Obvious paths: north, west.

Yygis drops his jaw in a dragonic grin, his many rows of teeth gleeming sharply in the light.

You find yourself gazing into the all-knowing slitted-silver eyes of an ancient and powerful dragon. The eyelids slowly open and close as you begin to feel sucked into the depths of the great soul glimpsed between each blink. Large, leathery wings are folded back against a body covered in deep red scales that appear so ancient as too have erupted in the last millenium.

He is holding a trading contract in his right foreclaw.

A loud, long rumbling can be heard in the area of Yygis's abdomen alerting you too the fact that it is way past time he began his hunt.

Yygis hangs a sign on danielbyron saying dragon test subject.

Yygis curls up his lip and displays his teeth.

tickle Yygis
You find yourself dangling from Yygis's large jaws. Peering at you hanging there, Yygis blinks slowly, and tries to look less hungry. "Sorry, but that was a reflex..most things that tickle become dinner!" Quickly, the jaws opens and you land on the ground.

Yygis lazily scratches his chest scales with one great talon. Suddenly, one small scale pops loose and drops to the ground. Yygis studies it for a moment and then nonchalantly shoves it out of the way.

Yygis waves a taloned foreclaw.

With a thunderous clash Yygis beats his wings through the air and effortlessly soars upward, arrow straight until he is a mere speck in the high distance. Wheeling about Yygis swoops back toward you, passing so close overhead you can feel the preassure of the air driven downward by his massive wings. As he banks slowly, spiraling upwards, you notice a wing tip waggling in farewell.