You see Coordinator Belindra Lormagerwen, an Elf.
She has pointed ears and milky blue eyes. Her golden hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over her shoulders. She has fair skin.
She is young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some iridescent watersilk slippers adorned with a cluster of tiny pearls, a pale blue form-fitting organza gown that cinches tightly up the back and is pintucked with tiny cream-colored blossoms, a bodacious bodice, a delicate circlet of tiny cream-colored naen'hentoi blossoms intertwined with pale-blue ribbons that trail the length of her hair, an elegant necklace bearing a flawless blue diamond in the shape of a heart, a pair of heart-shaped blue diamond earrings, a bracelet of interconnecting blue diamond hearts and a soft blue azalea.