You see Knife Juggler Bero Chuvula, a Kaldar.
He has crystal green eyes, is bald, and has dark skin.
He is young for a Kaldar.
He has some light stubble on his face.
He has a tattoo of a steely grey dagger with somber black ribbons entwining around the grip on his neck.

He has faint scuffing to the head.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a black leather bullwhip in his right hand.
He is wearing a silky black turban brushed with crimson flecks, a black wrist sheath, a flowing crimson silk kerchief, a gold toe ring, a loose sash, some scuffed black leather boots, a golden hoop earring, some delicate bronze toe bells, some etched copper toe bells, a small jeweled dagger sheath, a silken hip pouch, some billowing black pants, a billowing crimson shirt and a black leather bandoleer.