You see Horse Singer Braushocra Japputror, an Elf.
She has pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. Her blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn tousled. She has tanned skin.
She is young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a red-dyed eagle feather with two silver and turquoise beaded thongs suspended from it, a heavy silver ring engraved with a whirlwind on the bezel, a pair of blue beaded gutalles, a tanned blue deerskin cloak fringed with white eagle feathers, a pair of white deerskin gloves, a carved blue beaded amulet with a solid white eagle feather dangling from it, a tanned leather pack, some gold hairbeads, a soft blue cashmere tunic, a pouch made from tanned hide with a small bit of antler for a clasp and some pure white antelope-hide leggings seamed with smoky jasper beads.