You see Illustrator Caramip Ningel, a Gnome Trader.
She has crystal green eyes and dimples. Her ginger hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over her shoulders. She has rosy skin.
She is young for a Gnome.

She has minor swelling and bruising around the right hand compounded by cuts and bruises about the right hand.

She is holding a mug of vanilla-spiced tea in her right hand. She is wearing a pair of tiny green silk pants gathered at the ankles with braided cords, a flowing black robe left open to reveal a white tunic underneath, a vibrant green head scarf painted with a silvery scattered pattern of dots and squiggles, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a tiny silk sack, a diminutive backpack with worn-in straps, a hunter green velvet cloak lined with soft snowbeast fur and some dark green velvet boots embroidered with twining roses.