You see Ceine Pi'laren, an Elven Bard.
She has pointed ears and silver eyes. Her black hair is long and fine, and is worn loose. She has tanned skin.
A small scar crosses her right cheek.
A tattoo of a verdant ivy vine flows from her temple down to the chin along the right side of her face.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a white chocolate rose with brushed pink petals in her left hand.
She is wearing some mist grey silk slippers with dark ribbon laces, a dark silk skirt interlaced with sparkling diamond flecks, a mist grey silk bodice edged with shadowy black threading, a dark silk cape clasped at the neck with a large grey pearl, an intricately-faceted black diamond amulet encircled by tiny grey pearls, a pair of black diamond earrings encircled by grey pearl chips, a dark silk barrette with dangling mist grey feathers and a shadowy black sack interlaced with sparkling diamond flecks.