You see Farue Liniz, a Merelew.
She has silver eyes and a single swath of white hair that grows from the center of her scalp. It is very long fine hair that is loose and pushed to the left side of her head, and metallic blue scales cover her body from head to toe.

She is holding an elegant driftwood trident carved with images of swimming sea otters in her left hand.
She is wearing some seagull droppings, a soft blue sea cotton satchel appliqued with hundreds of white pearls, a dried eelgrass skirt interwoven with tiny white waterlilys, some deep brown otterskin sandles, a kelp-woven reed harness, some gold earrings shaped as sea turtles with aquamarine shells, a simple coral silk shirt with short puffed sleeves and a feathered hairpin with a solitary shark tooth.