You see Prince Fayne Sunderstone, a Mountain Elf.
He has sharply pointed ears. His long black hair is bound back in a silver clasp at the nape of his neck except for a single braided strand which falls over his right ear, emphasizing the sharp planes of his angular face. Dark forest green eyes, set under gracefully winged brows, hold an expression of cool assessment. His complexion is very faintly tanned and he is of average height with a deceptively light athletic build.
He appears middle-aged for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black spidersilk pouch, a pair of white leather boots with gold embroidery, a pair of charcoal grey steelsilk pants adorned with a golden swan buckle, a woven gold sword belt embossed with intricate swan designs, a finely tailored red spidersilk shirt, a suit of delicately crafted black Elven mail, a thin gold coronet and some ornately designed black mail gauntlets.