You see King Galpelus of Andreshlew.

His milky-green eyes shine with the wisdom of years behind them, yet never once do they blink. His scales are the color of pure bronze and seem to be well kept. He has no hair to speak of and is short for a Merelew. You just catch a glimpse of his partially webbed fingers.

Galpelus's hands are tucked into his belt.
A golden-weaved tunic along with a thick belt of suede adorn the torso of the king. Although slightly overweight, he carries it with pride. Resting upon his head is the symbol of his power and sign of royalty, the Crown of the Oceans. His legs are short, thick and covered with some of the finest cloth breeches, yet they still reveal a lack of use. His boots are lined with gems and jewels of the sea as he displays his wealth and opulence for all to see.