You see Jonix Shea'pah, Disciple of the Art of Marking, an Elothean.
He has a shaved head and disconcerting milky-blue eyes.
He is in his prime for an Elothean.

He is covered--soles to scalp--in a dizzying array of tattoos, ritual scars and other flesh modifications. Most of the designs are highly stylized and appear to be drawn from esoteric runnels of Elothean culture. Fantastical geometries that capture the eye and portray the illusion of cascading motion gather and bunch, entwine and weave across every plane of his body. The only clearly recognizable symbol is a bold rendition of the Elothean sigil "Fate" cradled by the sigil "Shadow" blossoming from his sternum. It is almost impossible to determine which--if any--of the colors on display may be his natural skin tones.

He is wearing a simple loin cloth of supple leather, a narrow leather pouch embossed with a stylized image of a single eye and a belled silver anklet.